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Commercial Sunscreening is an exceptional way to reduce energy costs year round, increase tenant comfort, and add privacy and safety to any business. With up to 84% heat blockage, 92% glare reduction and fantastic insulating winter “U” values Spokane Sunscreen can increase any buildings efficiency saving property owners thousands in utility costs while reducing their carbon footprint.

Spokane Sunscreen is proud to offer the newest films on the market such as Smart Film which allows you to choose the opacity of your windows, and Signal Blocking Films which is common on Government Buildings, and Cool-Vu Transitioning Film! Contact us today to learn more about all the films we offer!  


Residential Window Films enhance aesthetics, prevent fading from the suns harmful UV rays, increase indoor comfort, reduce utility costs all year round, prevent glare, and help to protect from theft or accidental breakage. 


To offset the solar heat passing through windows the application of window film is one of the most effective and economical methods of controlling energy loss while increasing indoor comfort. With up to 84% heat blockage, and winter "U" values window film works hard to reduce utility costs all year. Safety is an added benefit with shatter resistance and increased privacy, as well as protection from fading due to the suns damaging UV rays with a 99.9% UV blockage. 


Once installed by our Select Pro trained and certified installers our window film carries the strongest product lifetime warranty available today. 


Here at Spokane Sunscreen we use Llumar Formula One High Performance Ceramic Automotive Films. The benefits of getting your vehicles windows tinted include: enhanced aesthetic appearance, increased value, supplemental privacy, 99.9% UV blockage keeping passengers and interior safe from the suns harmful rays, glare reduction for safer driving, and increased safety in case of break in or accident. 


We computer cut all of our automotive films so there is no possible damage to vehicle in anyway. Installed by LLumar Select Pro Certified installers the job will be done right the first time. All of our automotive sunscreening is backed by a transferable lifetime warranty, meaning you may transfer the warranty to the next owner of the vehicle should you sell it. 


Eastman Llumar Performance Films is the largest window film manufacturer in the world, so when it comes down to needing warranty work done you don't need to worry about any hassle, anywhere Llumar Window Film is sold you may get warranty work done, and with 70+ years serving the Inland Northwest you don't need to worry about Spokane Sunscreen being a fly by night tint shop that promises lifetime warranties but isn't around if warranty work needs to be done!  


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