Is the film installed on the inside or outside of the windows?
The film is installed on the inside of the windows for automotive, residential and commercial unless requested otherwise. 

What is the drying/curing process for film?
The curing process for automotive film depends on weather. In summer windows take 1-5 days to fully dry, in winter it can take 4-10 days to fully dry. When you get your car windows tinted, you need to keep the windows up afterwards until the film is fully cured. You don't have to do anything different with your tinted residential or commercial windows, it will just look hazy / streaky and may have water bubbles for the first few days after installation. This goes away on its own.

What kind of warranty do you offer?
We offer a lifetime warranty on our residential and automotive film and a 15 year warranty on our commercial film. Our Platinum Paint Protection film has a 10 year warranty. This warranty is through Spokane Sunscreen and the film company Llumar which is worldwide. The warranty covers bubbling, peeling, color change, fading, or wrinkles. It is transferable if you were to sell your home/business/vehicle. 

Can you make car decals, signs or wraps?
Yes! We have a computer plotter and can create any kind of design you want! You can either send us a picture of your design, or tell us what you have in mind and we can create something for you. We have a range of colors and patterns and we offer laminated, perforated and printed vinyl signs as well!

Do you have a “one way mirror” privacy film?
Yes, we do. It is mirrored from the outside looking in, and charcoal colored from the inside looking out. It is mirrored during the day time, but if you have your lights on at night people can still see in your windows. There has not been a film invented yet that is mirrored both day and night. Our mirrored film is also great for heat and glare blockage!

What kind of window cleaners can I use on my residential / commercial / automotive windows?

We recommend that you use window cleaners that don't have ammonia as the main ingredient (like Windex) Over the years this can make the film look hazy. We use the 3 pack “Spray Away” foam window cleaner from Costco. If you don't like to use cleaners with chemicals in them, you can use a mixture of water and mild dish soap to wash the windows as well.

Do you take walk ins or do you schedule by appointment?

We like to schedule by appointment because our installers could be at a commercial or residential job and then we know when to have them in shop. We are usually not booked out more than a day or two and we are open on Saturdays (We open an hour later at 9AM, but we are here all day until 5PM) Depending on how busy the day is, we can sometimes take walk ins.

How do you price out your film?
Our residential and commercial film is priced out by the square footage, the only time the price changes is if your home or business is far outside the city limits or outside of Washington state. Or if we needed to bring an extendable ladder or lift to access the windows. Our owner and manager give free estimates for your home, business or paint protection film. Paint Protection film varies on the make and model of car and what areas you want to have done. Automotive film is priced out based on whether it is a 2 door, 4 door, hatchback, truck, SUV or mini van. Call or email us for an exact price, any of our employee's can give you an estimate on automotive tint!

Can you apply film to plexi glass or plastic?
Generally no, but it depends on the film you want to use. Most of the time we cannot put residential or commercial film on anything other than glass because it tends to bubble up and not adhere right. We can however put certain decorative and opaque films on plastic and plexi glass. If you let us know what kind of film and what kind of surface it is being applied to we will let you know if it is something we can do!

What is the legal limit for my car?

It depends on what state your vehicle is licensed in and what kind of vehicle it is, below is a link for the chart of different legal limits for automotive film. We do not change the price of our automotive film based on what shade of film you choose.

How is the film applied to my windows?

We clean the windows first to make sure there is no pet hair, dirt or dust on the surface of the glass. We also put drop cloths and/or a plastic cling sheet over the car/home/business interior so that we do not get the soapy water mixture on anything. The next step is spraying soapy water onto the glass and removing the backing on the film to expose the adhesive. If it is a rear window on a vehicle they will heat shrink the film, which gives it a more clean look. This is done by putting it on the outside of the rear window and heat shrinking it to the exact size before installing it on the inside. This eliminates the chance of wrinkles or blemishes in the film. The installer adjusts the film to the right position while there is still soapy water between the glass and film and then runs over the film with a heat gun and a squeegee to remove the soapy water underneath. After the film is applied, it needs time to fully cure by leaving the windows rolled up and parking your car in the sun for a few days. If it is a residential or commercial window, it needs a few days to fully cure. While it is curing it might look foggy or hazy, but this comes out on it's own!

​Can you tint windows when it is cold outside?

Yes, we can! It takes a little bit longer to dry then it does when it's hot out, but it is doable. In the winter, we say it takes 5-7 days for automotive, residential and commercial film to fully cure. In the summer, we say it takes 1-2 days for automotive, residential and commercial film to fully cure. Security Film and Paint Protection are a thicker film, so they take between 2-3 weeks to fully cure. We offer an instructions and care sheet for all of our products so that you know what you are able to do and not do.

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